Ghostriders were formed on August 4, 2001.  We are made up of riders from the age of 6 years old to "don't ask and no one gets hurt."  We came together for the love of riding and the wonderful fellowship we enjoy together.  We hope to inspire young riders to want to ride in drill teams.  By doing this, we hope to keep the spirit of the old west alive for years to come.   We are partners with Native American Nations, wonderful people and organizations.  Such as, The Texas Ranger's Hall of Fame, The Choctaw Nation, The Chickasaw Nation, The Cherokee Nation, and The Pawnee Nation.  We never want to forget the great Native Americans, Cowgirls and Cowboys of the past.  Without them we wouldn't be able to do what we do today.  *A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION*
Lindale, Mabank, Grand Saline, Canton, Texas, With members from across the State.
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Members and Officers
  Adults                                 Youth
Cherokee Indian Nation                  Choctaw Indian Nation                  Pawnee Indian Nation
Ribbon courtesy of Joan Viney
Pam Bonner                                   
Suzanne Lindley
Andrea Pickens
Bettie Busby
Jan Elmore 
Darlene Culberrson
Cristal Dawson
Jamie Gaby
Becca Brown Arrington
Alisha Phillips Smith
Hilary Sahimi
Cindy Simmons
Holly Couey
Laurie Larimer Coles
Jeannine Hawkins
Peggy McElroy
Kat Fell
Bonita Smith

Pam Bonner Drillmaster/Coach
Gary Bonner, Director
Jamie Gaby, Sec.                                        
  Brooke Berry
  Tory Whitus
  Journey Couey
  Kristin Robinson
  Laney Smith
  Julianne Babina
  Payton Henisey
  Sophie Yarbrough
  Kaylie Roberts
  Chris Brandon
  Levie Smith
  Gracie Ayers
  Hannah McElroy
  Autumn Bradford
  Lilly Barnett
  Skylar Hough-Anderson
  Samatha Holly
  Sydney Rash
  Ellarie Gardner
  MiKayla Oldfield
  Ainslie Reynolds
  Katelyn Fell
  Canyon Couey
  Brooklyn Monk
  Kady Jo Oldfield
  Morgan Dorner
  Demi Harber
  Gracee Loritsch
2002 Texas Open Drill Team                            2002 and 2003 Texas Equestrian Expo Competition Novice Champions            
2003 Reserve Novice USEDC                            2004 Reserve Rodeo USEDC              
 2004 National Champion Color Guard            2004 State Theme Champion
2004 State Champion Color Guard                  2005 Region 4/State Rodeo Champ
2006 Region 4/State Rodeo Champ.                 2006 Region 4/State Div. 1 Champ.
2006 National Champion Quadrille                 2006 National Champion Div 3A
2007 National Champion Quadrille                  2007 USEDA Region 4 Rodeo
2008 State Champion Rodeo Div.                     2008 State Champion Quad Div.
2008 National Champion Quadrille                  2008 Drill Congress Rodeo Champ
2008 Drill Congress Quad Champion               2009 State Champion Div 1/2/10/11
2009 National Champion Quadrille                  2009 National Champion Div 5A
2009 Texas Shootout Quad Theme Champ.     2009 Texas Shootout Rodeo Champ.
2010 Texas State Champion Div 1                    2010 Texas State Rodeo Champion 
2010 Region 4 Rodeo Champion                       2010 Region 4 Theme Champion
2010 National Champion Quadrille                  2010 National Champ Color Guard
2011 Texas State Rodeo Champion                  2011 Division 5 State Champion
2011 National Champ Quad                              2011 National Rodeo Champ
2012 Texas Rodeo Champ                                 2012 National Senior Quad
2012 National Color Guard                               2013 State Rodeo Champion
2013 National Parade Champion                      2013 Novice and Senior Quad Champ
2014 Central Texas Novice Champions           2014/15 INT'L, Senior, Novice Quad
2017 National Senior Quad Champion            2017  National Youth Champion
2017 National Youth Quad Champion
2002 Texas Open Youth Novice Champ. 
2003 USEDC National Champ Youth Novice
2005 Region 4/State Youth Champion
2006 Region 4/State Youth Champion
2007 National Champion Youth Novice
2008 State Champion Color Guard Div
2008 National Champion Youth C/Guard
2008 Drill Congress Youth Quad Champion
2009 Texas Open Reserve Youth Quad
2011 Texas Open Youth Color GD 1st/2nd
2012 National YN Quad Champ/Theme Champ. Central States Youth Quad Champ
2013 Central States Youth Champion/Quad
Central Texas Color Guard Champions
Adult Team
Ghostriders Young Guns Youth Team
             Our Motto: 
"Life is a horse. Ride it!!!     
by Katy Twitty
2003 Texas Equestrian Expo Comp
2004 National Champion Color Guard
2004 State Champion Color Guard
2005 Region 4/State Champ. Color GD
2008 State Champion Youth Div
2008 National Champion Div 6A
2008 Drill Congress Youth Champ
2008 Drill Congress Youth Color Guard
2010 USEDA Region 4 Color Guard 1st
2011 Central States Youth Champion
2013 National Youth Champion
2013 National Youth Quad Champions
2014 National Youth Quad Champions
2015/16 National Parade Champions
The Official Rodeo Drill Team of Texas
USEDA Charter Member
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Join us for the adventure of a lifetime.
Email Cell: 972-679-0770

The Ghostriders have a scholarship fund for our youth and a continuing education fund and have provided 7 over the last three years to our participating riders.
To qualify, be an active team rider for the preceding 12 month period prior to graduation.
Ghostriders Young Guns Drill Team
Ghostriders Young Guns Quad
​Ghostriders Rodeo Drill Team
Galveston, Disney, Ghostriders = Magic
Ghostriders on the Beach, Say YES to HOPE
Proud of our Troops!!!!!!
Young Guns at Medevial Times in Dallas
The Ghostriders are available for your special events, movies, charity events, promotional events, photo events, parades, rodeos, youth events. .

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